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     Educational work at the IE department is performing by the Deputy Head of the Department for educational work Vadim P. Miskov.

Plan of educational work of the IE department for 2017/18 schoolyear.

  1. Conducting meetings with parents of students of the first course at "Dedication to Students" in order to inform them about the education system and organizational positions in VNTU.
  2. Assistance for trade union meeting in the first year.
  3. Conducting general curatorial hour for the first course in order to familiarize with the system of training and control of knowledge of students VNTU.
  4. Acquaintance with the internal rules and structure of VNTU.
  5. Preparing for competition "Freshman Fall".
  6. Participation in the trade union meetings in academic groups.
  7. Participation in the organization of various sports and cultural activities of students.
  8. Visits to students living in the hostel.
  9. Organization of monitoring the conduct of supervisory hours.
  10. Organization of students landscaping VNTU.
  11. Monitoring the attendance of students.
  12. Participation in meetings of parents of students 1 and 2 courses.
  13. Organization and holding of the JINR curatorial hours.
  14. An analysis of student performance.
  15. Monitoring the implementation of the Internal Regulations of the students VNTU.
  16. Participation in the preparation and holding of cultural events at the institute and the university.
  17. Participation in the ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates.

The curators of the IE department

The curator of the 1st year:

Senior Lecturer of the IE department, Ph.D. Vadim Petrovich Miskov

The curator of the 2nd year:

Senior Lecturer of the IE department, Ph.D. Andrey V. Slabkiy








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