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  For the IE department secured 13 classrooms with total area of 701.6 square meters. m, which fully meet the learning process of the department. Of these, five lecture rooms area of 420.1 square meters. m and laboratories:

    All the training lab of the department, in particular control systems and machine parts have a modern computer and measuring equipment: Display complex EU-79-20;ІBM PC AT, programmable controllers MPTSU-microDATMU 32-2 58-1; measuring-calculation complex computer-based and micro-IBM.
To measure the use of electronic oscilloscopes, Loop single and dual-trace oscilloscope, strain amplifier, sound generators, frequency, analog-to-digital converter, load cells and pressure movement pyrometers.
The department is in the presence of the park technical training, especially for such cycles and disciplines, such as: machine tools, cutting tools, cutting theory, microprocessor technology, computer technology, machine control system.
All available means are suitable didactic. Used as the original development of the department:






  • cylindrical model differential zuboshlifuvalnogo and gear shaping machines;
  • a model to illustrate the theory of morphogenesis;
  • set of equipment for the study of cutting processes;
  • prototyping facility for physical modeling of the drilling operation.

     All of these funds are used in laboratory work, as well as in the research work of students.

Exemplary materials are available in the department, responsible program courses are periodically updated and reflect the latest technology. During the laboratory practical classes as the classrooms of the branch, used production facilities LLC "SARMAT".


  1. Laboratory of Hydraulics and gidropnevmoprivoda of 27 square meters. m, auditorium. 2119;
  2. Laboratory machinery parts area of 32 square meters. m, auditorium. 1216;
  3. Laboratory theoretical foundations of heat engineering area of 47.6 square meters. m, auditorium. 1205;
  4. Laboratory theory machines mechanisms area 68.8 square meters. m, room 1206;
  5. Laboratory machinery parts area of 65.8 square meters. m, auditorium. 1208;
  6. Laboratory metal-cutting tools area of 31.9 square meters. m, auditorium. 1218;
  7. Laboratory metal cutting machines and machine tools of 120 square meters. m, auditorium. 7145;
  8. Branch of the department located on LLC "SARMAT".


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