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 The department, which now bears the name "Industrial engineering (EB)" is a member of the Faculty Mechanical Engineering and Transport Vinnytsia National Technical University, established in 1968 by separation from the department "Metal Technology". The first head of the department in 1966 has become associate professor, Ph.D. Matveev I.B.


             Мatveev I.B.

        With the development of higher education technological institutions, which is reflected in the change of its structure, increases the number of specialties, increasing the number of students and teachers, including scientific degrees and Ph.D., has developed and the Department of the МT & APE, which for the time of its existence has been and remains in graduation. The first release of experts, prepared by the department, took place in 1969. Over the entire period of existence of the IE Department for daily, evening and extramural courses prepared and issued more than two and a half thousand experts with qualification "mechanical engineer".
In accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR The department trained specialists in 0501 - "Mechanical engineering, machine tools and instruments", and since 1987 after the reorganization of training plans - by industry 7.090203 - "Metal-cutting machines and systems" and 7.090202 - "Engineering Technology", in specialization "Design tools tooling automated production".

       History of the IE department starts with the establishment in Vinnitsa September 1, 1960 general technical faculty of the Kiev Technological Institute of Food Industry.

        At the beginning of its existence the department provides teaching as a general engineering and special disciplines. The subsequent restructuring of higher technical educational institutions, in particular its transformation into a branch of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, led to the creation of new departments. At the time of formation in 1968, the Department of Cutting machines had a composition:

Matveev Igor Borisovich, Assoc., Ph.D. - Head. of the Department.;

Pogodaev Leonhard Ivanovic., Assoc., Ph.D.;

Vladimir Klimenko Mihailovich, Assoc., PhD .;

Demeshko Vladimir Borisovich, Assoc.;

Kuchansky Fedor Savvovich Art. Ven.;

Tamara Cooper - Secretary of the Department

        Under the guidance of I.B. Matveev the Department МT effectively developed in educational and pedagogical, logistical and scientific research directions. There was a laboratory machine tools equipped with modern machine tools that made it possible to carry out laboratory work on special subjects as close to the real conditions of production. The department carried out a large amount of research and development activities in various fields of mechanical engineering, in particular the creation of vibration and vibro machines based on hydropulse drive. It should be noted that the Assoc., Ph.D. I.B. Matveev is the founder of the scientific school of engineering and research hydropulse drive. Under the leadership of I.B. Matveev effectively worked at the Department of Experimental Design Bureau, which included graduates of the department. The results of the work of this office dozens of innovative projects that have no analogues in the world and large volumes State Treaty work (in millions of rubles of the USSR), which ended the implementation in production. The novelty of the scientific and technical development of members of the scientific Matveev's I.B. school protected by copyright certificates for inventions.

       At that time, he completed his Ph.D. dissertation and successfully defended them in specialized councils MVTU. M. Bauman and KPI graduates of our university staff of the department: Iskovich-Lototskii R.D., Virnyk N. (1985), Pentyuk B.N., Obertyuh R.R., Dronchak V.A., A.P. Tereshchenko. Since 1979 till 1993 head of the department was professor, Ph.D. Komisarenko Y.Y.


          Кomisarenko Y. Y.  

In 1987, special council MVTU. M. Bauman (Moscow) brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis Iskovich Lototskii-RD with the topic "Fundamentals of the theory of calculation and design of processes and equipment for vibro compaction billet products from powdered materials". In accordance with the direction "Machines of vibration and vibro-impact activities" was formed by well-known in the CIS and abroad scientific school headed Iskovich-Lototskii R.D. (incidentally, the first Doctor of Science - graduate VNTU).
In 1988, from the Department of MPC emerged a group of teachers, combining said scientific direction was created the Department "Design of automated production equipment", led by prof. Iskovich-Lototskii R.D.

       In May 1993, departments "Metal-cutting machines and tools" and "Design of automated production equipment" have been merged. New department, which has been called "Cutting machines and automated production equipment" headed Professor, Ph.D. Iskovich-Lototskiy R.D., who works at this post now.


      Iskovich-Lototskiy R.D.

   For 40 years, 48 teachers and 62 employees worked in the department. For 40 years the department has released more than 2,200 engineers, has prepared 2 doctors and 35 candidates of technical sciences.

Teachers and researchers of the department published 17 monographs, 40 textbooks and manuals, 100 guidelines, over 500 scientific articles, received more than 750 patents and patents. The department has a scientific school "The theory calculation and design of vibration processes and equipment", which is headed by a leading scientist in Ukraine in the area, the doctor of technical sciences, professor Rostislav Dmitrievich Iskovich-Lototskii.

A great contribution to the development of the Department of Veterans have department - candidate of technical sciences, associate Roman Romanovich Obertyuh, Anatoly Malyarchuk. The department grew out of the students to the Ph.D., associate Nikolai Virnyk, Yuri Bulyha, Ivanchuck Yaroslav Vladimirovych and Ivan Vasilyevich Sevostyanov, Leonid Polishchuk Klavdievich grew to doctors of technical sciences. This person are not only knowledgeable in science and technology, but also in culture, sport, music, art.

Leading teachers of faculty work with graduate students and gave them a wealth of experience. Actively working teachers and staff to create a material and technical base of the department. Despite the predicament, which is now formed in the engineering field, for many years, our department cooperates with the leading enterprises of Vinnytsia region and the whole Ukraine. In particular, based on LCC "SARMAT" operates a branch of our department, where students practice and get production skills.




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