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                                         Dear enrollee!

      Modern high technologies are possible only if the creation of specialist precision machine performance of the new generation. Today's designer - is a highly professional mechanic, who owns the modern methods of computer simulation.
     Machine-tool construction is public property, the guarantor of technological independence of the state, the industry, which provides engineering and development of the domestic economy. Specialists of this profile obtaine advanced training in fundamental engineering design and manufacturing of machine tools, industrial robots and other machines; the use of modern methods of technical solutions, methods of theoretical and experimental research of machines; computer programming, mathematical modeling, based on patent and licensing work, technical service and repair of machinery and control systems; organization of production, the economy, the basics of management and marketing.


 Department «Industrial engineering» (IB) releases bachelors, masters of engineering directiondirection 133 - «Engineering branch».
    Training is carried out by specialization masters of engineering direction 133 - «Engineering branch».
   Preparation of highly qualified specialists in graduate school at the department provides specialities 05.02.02 - «Machines» и 05.03.05 - «Processes and machines of processing by pressure».
    The department is preparing students for trades «Turner».
    Our graduates can work in the fields of patent and inventive work, the scientific and technical information, certification and standardization, marketing, market introduction of new techniques and technologies. Research focused on the department:
  • development of the theory of design and implementation of multi-axis metalworking equipment, including machines of parallel kinematics based on the use of mechatronic drive systems;
  • mathematical modeling of processes and systems mechanics;
  • creating machines machines, machine tools, CNC machine tool systems and mechanisms on a modular principle;   •equipment for processing and food industries;
  • machinery and equipment for agricultural production;
  • equipment for pharmaceutical and biotechnological productions;
  • Light industry and consumer services equipment;
  • lifting and transport, road, construction, reclamation machines and equipment;
  • the equipment of chemical manufactures and the enterprises of building materials;
  • printing machines and automated complexes;
  • forestry equipment;
  • wheeled and caterpillar vehicles;
  • metal-cutting machines and systems;
  • tool production;
-  • internal combustion engines;
  • rail vehicles and machinery;
  • Locomotive construction;
  •car building;
  • dynamics of drives of machines, industrial robots and technological systems;
  • development of theoretical bases of design of machine tools, especially CNC lathes and turning modules, as well as industrial robots and other machines, the creation of computer-aided design;
  • creating devices for the automation of metalworking and processing equipment: machine tool modules, automatic machining lines, robotic systems, flexible manufacturing systems;
  • theoretical and experimental research tools and other machines to determine their static and dynamic characteristics, mathematical modeling of machines and their components;
  • development and research of high-speed, multi-functional mechanisms of manipulation and clamping workpieces of machine tools.
    Students and teachers of the department visit the international industrial exhibition, which presents: materials processing technologies and equipment for machinery, promotes replication of the experience in the modern enterprise metalworking and machine tool industry.
    Graduates of the department MT & APE mainly employed on famous Ukrainian enterprises, such as: УК "Roshen", КНВО "Fort", ЗАО "Kalinowski Engineering Works", АО "Motor Sich", АО "Barlinek", ХК "Nemiroff", ООО «Eurocar», ПАО «ZAZ», Corporation «Bogdan-Motors», НПИГ "Intertype", ПАО «СКМ», ГП "Production Association" Южный машиностроительный завод им. А. М. Макарова ", СП УА" Подолье-Обст ", ГП" З-д им. Малышева "и др.





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